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Step by Step Mentoring

 We walk you step by step through everything you need to succeed. From setting up your trading account to installing your trading strategies.

Knowledge is Power!

We’re strong believers in education so we make sure to constantly add new training material for our members.


At Elite Trading Academy, we provide you with profitable Forex trading signals. 

What is a "Forex Trading Signal?" A signal is an email alert from our experts & professional traders advising you which currency pair to buy or sell as well as when to get in and when to close a trade. 

These signals are sent out 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week. Forex signals save traders from hassle of watching the market 24/7.


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One of the main reasons the newcomers or the average traders fail and looses money in the Forex market is the lack of knowledge. 95% of new traders take small profits, and let losses run. In the Forex Business, you need the proper education, patience, discipline and psychology to achieve great  returns on your investment. The Elite Traders was created to help new traders start with the right tools and succeed in the Forex market.

   Why Do Many Forex Traders Loose Money?